Myanmar Woods

Pyinkado Woods

Pyinkado redwood is a very hard wood. Due to the hardness, it is sometimes called Burmese Ironwood. It behaves well during the drying process, drying slowly but with very little degrade. The Janka hardness indicates that this is an excellent candidate wood for flooring projects. Pyinkado Redwood is ideal for rich dark coloured flooring with lasting durability and high resistance to termites.


Gurjan Woods

The Raw Wood of Gurjan is Used to Make Long tables, shelves, doors, paneling and partitions.

Thitya & Ingin
We have in store for our clients optimum quality Teak timber that is procured from the country of Myanmar. The varieties of Myanmar Teak we offer are matured wood that are treated for durability, borer & termite protection and against mould formation. These teaks have good resistance to decay and are available in different grades. We can deliver Myanmar Teak in bulk quantities within minimum lead-time.